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If you like rock music and have a sense of rhythm, your road to stardom starts here. Guitarist or drummer – choose your path and fire up the most famous concert stages with your band.

For beginners or music experts, the engaging game play provides hours of fun. Tap the touch screen or press buttons to the beat of your favorite songs. Keep your cool in front of a hyped-up crowd and don’t miss a note. Warm up your fingers and prepare your ears for the explosive track list of Guitar Rock Tour, mixing recent hits like “Girlfriend,” “In the Shadow” and “Banquet” with rock classics like “Beat It,” “Rock You Like a Hurricane” and more. Use the Nintendo DSi Camera™ to take a photo of yourself or your friends, then display it onstage and receive goodies at your effigy. A new rock idol is born!

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Posted by Adam

All the right notes, just not in the right order.

Guitar Rock Tour is a rerelease of the game of the same name we saw on Nintendo DS late last year. The game falls into the genre of games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band, albeit on somewhat of a budget. There are fifteen tracks to tap along to and two...

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User Comments (18)



Mendez said:

I had this on DS, it's pretty good though I found it got a bit boring after a few hours.
I wonder how much it'll be cut down compared to the full retail release.. I might consider buying it again as a download.



Hardy83 said:

Gamelofts games are the biggest games for the DSiWare in terms of size and content. I wouldn't be surprised if they fit most, maybe all of the original game in this DSiWare game with some camera support.



brandonbwii said:

This should be fun. I didn't like the awkward feeling of the GH peripheral but a budget priced verision of this game should be right up my alley.



thaneds said:

this game should be like popstar, but it should not be a chick game, a good story, and more songs... lol



Roopa132 said:

"Charlie The Unicorn United States 18 Jun 2009, 01:23 GMT
Get ready for the 800pt price tag and 8/10 score."

It's 500 points it came out in Europe today.



Kolma said:

man i loved this game on ds ;-; dont have no more and at 500 points this is a steal... but seeing how long asphalt 4 took to come out...



Kolma said:

@FATEM i got it launch xD' check my profile for vids http://www.youtube.com/kolma on a side note just found out this game HAS NO VOCALS!!!! the songs sound like garbage now ... 500 points for full game + cam - vocals.... or 20 bucks for full game + vocals - cam.... thats 15 bucks and download vsw. retail copy



legochesser said:

Urgh (Going to shop to buy Guitar Hero: On Tour for 20 bugs for my NDSlite) Guitar Hero clone with tapping controls? WTF?!?! And let me guess.... Multiplayer is multicard (like in Asphalt 4 0.O)... No.... I'm skipping this!



tovare said:

Another cool game from gameloft. My first impression is that road to celebrity is a better game (due to the fun story), the minigames in that game is are now more refined and expanded with what looks like 15 tunes from a mix of artists. Guitar playing by tapping on the touch screen works well, as does the drum-playing with the shoulder-buttons.



tovare said:

After playing this through on Easy and halfway on normal, I'd say that not having real music sort of kills this game because the gameplay fundamentals and story are so weak.



Millie said:

omg i love this game it's amazing!it's just like guitar hero and the songs are great



Morpheel said:

i find funny the fact that the drummer in the art and tittle screen never actually appears in the game itself

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