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GO Series presents Pinball Attack! from ArtePiazza.

Control the flippers of a pinball machine in this adventure pinball game as you go on a magical journey to the seabed, under the earth, through a jungle and into space.

Use pinballs to fight off enemies such as giant blow fish, collect bonuses & powers ups.

Developed by ArtePiazza, the developer of Dragon Quest and Opoona.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

No extended play here

Pinball Attack! is perhaps the most interesting game in the GO Series yet. Developed by ArtePiazza, who has already worked on well-liked titles such as Opoona and several Dragon Quest games, we were expecting the 500 DSi Point price to be more than...

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fishman100 said:

I really have high hopes for this game. We need another good Pinball game (besides Pinball Pulse) here in NA.



mac_hine said:

This games LOOKS like it should be good, its a good little concept HOWEVER, it plays like garbage. I regret every one of the 500 points I spent on this game. The physics are horrid. There are Game Boy pinball games with better physics than this game, which is unacceptable. (those games include Kirbys Pinball Land and the Gator series).

If you are looking for a good pinball game on the portable shop go with Pinball Pulse: Ancients Beckon. Even though its only one table its absolutely terrific. And if you have a 3DS another great option is Zen Pinball 3DS. Both are must haves IMO for any pinball fan with a 3DS/DS.

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