Go! Go! Kokopolo (DSiWare)

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Take control of Kokopolo, the hyperactive wildcat, in a crazy, fast and frantic, action-packed game set across 80 stages of arcade mayhem.

Hunt down those responsible for disturbing your afternoon slumber, with a quick slash from your sharp claws, and lure them into an epic chase, through mind-twisting mazes, and across hazard filled highways.

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead


DSiWare is, quite rightly, well known for providing a diverse range of quirky titles to give DSi owners small downloadable gaming fixes. We’ve seen a few ‘off the wall’ concepts on the service, and Go! Go! Kokopolo deserves its place in this...

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kitroplious said:

I will definitely download this game on Thursday. It feels kinda like a VC game. Glad to add this to my long list of DSiWare purchases — 116 now, and I'm happy to support the service! :)



ashlyquin said:

Well, this game is coming to an end as they are pulling the game from the eshop by the end of August 2014,

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