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This is a side-scrolling action game in which players battle cyborg enemies in city environments.

Players control a hero character that punches, kicks, and uses special moves to defeat cyborg soldiers and boss characters. Enemies explode when defeated, and the action is accompanied by frequent swiping/punching sound effects.

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

An exercise in frustration

In late August, the North American DSiWare service saw the release of Genterprise's G.G Series: Ninja Karakuri Den, the first title in its G.G Series of games to make it across the ocean from Japan. Now, two months later, the second instalment in the...

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sam322 said:

should i buy shantae or asphalt (or might flip chams) and art style pictobits
answer as soon as possible please



Collision_Cat said:

Sam322, from what I've heard you should definitely get Shantae! I haven't been able to play it though, no Euro release. But you're in the US, make the most of it!



sam322 said:

collision_cat thanks for your advice
i actually downloaded shantae when i saw its surprising ratings
it's fun i recommend it it's a must buy for too and for everyone who owns a dsi

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