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Play soccer against teams from all over the world!

Customize your characters to be normally sized, small, tall or muscular. You can also customize their shirts, shorts and shoes. Take advantage of your players' specific traits as dictated by their body types. Assembling a well-balanced team is the key to becoming world champions. There are many teams to play against, so keep your mind sharp and your kicking foot sharper. Play against friends via DS Download Play and find out who's the true soccer champion!

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Posted by Jacob Crites

Hardly in the Premier League

When it comes to soccer on the DSi, it really comes down to the Real Soccer franchise, and we're certainly not complaining. For a mere 800 Points you can get a portable, yet retail-quality version of the beautiful game with tons of content. Still, it's...

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brandonbwii said:

Ah, we have here what you'd call a "mockbuster". Make a name sound similar to a popular brand, in this case Art Style, and hope it sells. Same thing with World of Zoo and Science Papa. Whatever the case, I smell shovelware.



imapterodactyl said:


How does 'Everyday Soccer' sound ANYthing like 'Art Style'? 'Everyday Shooter', maybe, but that's on a totally different platform. And how do 'World of Zoo' and 'Science Papa' sound alike? Or like 'Art Style' or anything else for that matter. I'm not saying they're not crap, I just don't understand you're argument. These are 3 titles with 3 very different names that don't sound at all alike.

Ah, I take it back to an extent. 'World of Zoo', 'World of Goo'. K. I'll give you that one. 'Science Papa'... 'Cooking Mama'? K, I get those. I still don't get the 'Everyday Soccer' one, though... unless you did indeed mean 'Everyday Shooter' instead of 'Art Style'... but I still doubt anybody would get them confused. Perhaps if 'Everyday Soccer' was being released on a Sony platform.



cheapogamer4life said:

Dang, the title used to say "Everyday Football."

@2 Before NL change the title of this game it was listed as, Arc Style: Everyday Football



LuWiiGi said:

Why would they bring it to Europe last when Europe is the world capital of football/soccer? Just seems silly to me. Any first impressions?



gabikun said:

Pff... I've played this in a Japanese DSi and it's very easy. I ended the cup winning 21-3 in the final match. There are some cheap tactics to use.... depending on your player's abilities.



FonistofCruxis said:

@2 He wasn't saying the world of zoo and science papa sound alike. He was just giving two examples of games that used a name similar to a name of a popular game(series) with world of zoo being similar to world of goo and science papa being similar to cooking mama. He mentioned those games because this game was originally listed as arc style: everyday football.

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