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In this Fantasy Card Game, stand your ground in a quest full of magic and adventure and experience a thrilling combination of strategy and a role-playing game.

Choose your character, build up your army in your card deck and fight the mystical creatures of Elendior. With thoughtful use of your cards, you obtain the monsters of your enemy and support your attacks by using arcane spells and the rules of the dark magic. Dive into this capturing story in the quest mode, or duel with your friends in the multiplayer.

More than 100 creatures in over 15 maps are waiting for you.

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Posted by Desiree Turner

Not one for the snotlings

German developer lbxgames, a newcomer to the Nintendo scene, has thrown their hat into the DSiWare ring with Elemental Masters, a card-based fantasy game set in the mystical land of Elendior. A great demon is rumored to have arisen from the dead in order...

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User Comments (13)



Denkou said:

hm. elemental masters.... sounds like a good solid game just from the title



3230ru said:

this genre is really missing in western DS library. the art of the game is also nice. though nothing is understood about gameplay and the publisher havent released something cool yet. maybe I will wait for another video on youtube or review..



grumblegrumble said:

So this was just released in NA today and I am waiting to hear first impressions... Anyone? Is it worth it?



FrankGrimes said:

I just started it, and it sort of feels like Magic the Gathering...I'm not far enough to comment if the 800 price tag is worth it, but so far it's been fun, a little addicting too.



thaneds said:

@FrankGrimes: I noticed this too, but it does play out pretty well and it's a good ground especially for card players... BEST CARD GAME among the best dsiwares by far... until the next new card game.... lol



HolyMackerel said:

I'd like to hear more about if from those who've bought it already. So far the response seems good.



jones2929 said:

I like it a lot. Initially, I thought it was too easy, as I was winning all of my matches. But then I got cocky, and marched into a battle with an Ogre and was crushed. The Ogre got to take four of my cards, which really set me back - but I was glad that the game became challenging. For me, it is easily worth 800 points. If you like this type of genre, I think you will like the game. It doesn't have the polish of other games, but it is a lot of fun.



Sephariel said:

jones2929 : i totaly agree with you
PS: that Ogre was pain to defeat but the later ones are pain they take your whole hand when you lose and thats someting you dont want to do



Shyguyfable said:

Elemental masters is definitely worth the 800 dsi points. With a vast world of over a hundred creatures by your side to defend you from the constant attacks of blood thirsty monsters roaming the rugged land scape as you travel the world in search of answers. the game starts you off nice and easy until you understand whats going on then hits you with waves of hell driven foes. I give "Elemental Masters" an 8.5, out of 10

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