Cake Ninja (DSiWare)

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A simple casual game (Slice-em-up) where you slide the stylus across the screen to slice cakes into small pieces like a true Ninja warrior. It’s very easy to play.

The more cakes you slice, the longer you stay around, and the longer you survive, the higher your score. How long can you last?

You can also challenge your friends to a multiplayer game to show everyone who the best player is!


  • Simple, addictive gameplay
  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Precise slice recognition
  • Challenging multiplayer mode

Game Review


Europe PAL Version

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Maybe it’s a fruit cake

Nintendo’s handheld consoles face the ever-growing prominence of smartphones, particularly in terms of the games on these devices. Cake Ninja is undoubtedly influenced by a thoroughly popular game on Android and iOS that involves slicing fruit: this...

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News: Cake Ninja is Fruit Ninja But With Cakes Instead

Cake Ninja is Fruit Ninja But With Cakes Instead


Never let it be said that originality is dead. Cypronia is about to unleash Cake Ninja on an unsuspecting DSiWare service next week. The game tells the story of a ninja sent to destroy all the cake so his wife can't eat it. We're not making this up. As you can see in the video below it's more than a little similar to Fruit Ninja. Cake Ninja is...

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Geonjaha said:

This looks like a terrible Fruit Ninja rip off. Let your wife gain weight Ninja man - no one's got your back.



Z-LemonHead said:

Nintendo Life I looked at your helpful scoring policy and this is not a




ogo79 said:

this is what happens when something is overrated:everyone online is always saying "hey looks its a cake!", "oh i love cake!", "time for cake!", "who has cake?", "whats your favorite cake?", "cake is epic!", "if you could be a cake which cake would you be?"
"ninjas rock!", "ninjas are so cool!", "i wish i was a ninja!", "do you ever wish you were a ninja?", "ninjas are epic!"...and now here is a worthless game that tried to cash in on the hype of cake and ninjas. cake and ninjas? i feel bad for those who didnt see this coming

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