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Biorhythm Screenshot
Biorhythm Screenshot
Biorhythm Screenshot


Release Date


  • 17th Dec 2010, 200 points (UK/EU)
  • 10th Jan 2013, 200 points (USA)

About This Game

This application primarily simulates an electronic device for the calculation of biorhythms.

Users can have a momentary value of mental, emotional and physical curves calculated and their diagrams displayed, or ascertain their values for any given date. This application also allows them to determine a percentage of partnership harmony and contains a hidden game as a bonus.

Biorhythm models use three cycles: a 23-day "physical" cycle, a 28-day "emotional" cycle, and a 33-day "intellectual" cycle. Each of these cycles varies in a sine wave pattern between high and low extremes, with days where the cycle crosses the zero line described as "critical days" of greater risk or uncertainty.