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This application primarily simulates an electronic device for the calculation of biorhythms.

Users can have a momentary value of mental, emotional and physical curves calculated and their diagrams displayed, or ascertain their values for any given date. This application also allows them to determine a percentage of partnership harmony and contains a hidden game as a bonus.

Biorhythm models use three cycles: a 23-day "physical" cycle, a 28-day "emotional" cycle, and a 33-day "intellectual" cycle. Each of these cycles varies in a sine wave pattern between high and low extremes, with days where the cycle crosses the zero line described as "critical days" of greater risk or uncertainty.

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Posted by Henry Stockdale

Does it measure up?

Cinemax releases have proven to be a rather mixed bag when it comes to DSiWare, from below average attempts such as Sokomania to the some of the best music applications available on the system, most notably Rytmik and Rytmik: Rock Edition. This time...

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homopod said:

It's an application for checking your biorhythms (physical, emotional and intellectual - the standard set - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biorhythm ). Biorhythms are not real, just like horoscopes or alchemy.
There can be up to 9 profiles, love check. The app looks and feels stylish (oscillator "shivers" if touched, self-test is... er, interesting))). Not much to do.

Thanks, Cinemax, I enjoy it.



Corbs said:

Why will no one develop a "watch paint dry" application? Come on!



SyFyTy said:

Biorhythms the program offered may be an imitation but has absolutely nothing to do with Horoscopes which have nothing to do with Alchemy, each are separate in their definition and intended function. There are as many scientific scholars who support the concept of biorhythms (circadian cycles) as there are those who dis believe.



Terra said:

@Corbie - Don't give them ideas!! (If only because I'll probably end up reviewing that as well on top of this and Sleep Clock) :P

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