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This game, which puts the concept of user-generated content on center stage, allows players to design their own micro-games from scratch.

Every element, such as the characters, the environment, the actions and even the purpose of the micro-game itself, is controlled entirely by the player. Players will then be able to share their completed micro-games with other WarioWare D.I.Y. owners. The latest game in the WarioWare series is playable on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi systems.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

A real do-it-yourself project!

Back in 2003, the developers at Nintendo introduced a game that was basically nothing more than a huge collection of minigames that lasted only seconds, but were tossed at the player in rapid succession. While the idea initially seemed a bit ridiculous,...

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User Comments (23)



M00se said:

i want this and mario and luigi 3! and they need to fix the release date for that game! it comes out sept 14




I thought in America it was going to be called Made in Ore? DIY is a term moreso used in Europe?

Anyway, looks awesome.



H2O said:

I'm hopefully so getting this. Oh by the way not to be rude I just signed up and I wanna ask how do you put pictures on your profile?



videoqueen1000 said:

why does Japan always get the goods first? the game will be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D ;)



fishman100 said:

yeah, it's appropriately titled "warioware:diy" because Wario's too lazy to make his own games, or maybe he's tired from creating them in his past games...



sillygostly said:

Australian release dates... (according to the Australian Nintendo Channel on Wii)

Warioware D.I.Y. Showcase [WiiWare] - April 30th
Warioware D.I.Y. [DS] - May 20th

I'm annoyed that we have to wait a great deal longer than US/EU, but at least the wait is more tolerable now seeing as we have some release dates on the games.



TKOWL said:

I've spent over 70 hours with this game, but it still feels like I've got more to do.



atmmachine11 said:

This game is really fun and entertaining its harder to make games then you would expect, ive made a few but I like going online and downloading other peoples games more. :D I like making songs and comics more because there easier.

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