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Puerto Rico

Tue 8th Dec 2009

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GreasyMcNugget commented on Bejeweled Twist:

I got it, what can you say its bejeweled right its an awesome game no matter what! this has only classic mode...i would like to play the faster game mode that is on the retail version, but that comes out on january so this is an excellent tease of the game until the retail comes out. good download



GreasyMcNugget commented on Review: Ball Fighter (DSiWare):

The game could've been so much better the gameplay is fun if you like this kind of games, but the game feels like playing with a tennins ball inside an empty room...sure you might have fun for some time but in the end, ur alone and theres nothing else to do. It could've been better with some type of reward system instead of just bursting points...for some reason I can't pass level 9 after you beat it it displays some kind of message wich goes so fast I cant read it and your playing level nine again. The controls are a bit ackward at first you have to get used to them, after is not so bad...The music stinks really I play with my computer music and the DS volume down...its some funky pop-ish thing like the reviewer said and after you pass a lever you get some ackward smooth jazz trumpet making some funky melody. Every time you make a high score you have to enter your name as it doesn't recognize it's you all the time...sure you might give your friend your ds to play some times but come on, it gets kinda annoying. I give this a 6 out of 10 becuase I really like fast reflex puzzles like this and despite all the comments I said before I still play the game, however if your kinda bored of puzzles or arent such a big fan I suggest playing this on a friend's DS if he/she has it or just wait for UNO =P



GreasyMcNugget commented on Ball Fighter:

well after searching online for someone that has bought it already without luck I got the game myself. I like this kind of puzzle games. At first the controls are kida weird since you dont use the stylus. You drag down balls by hitting down on the pad or b and put the balls up hitting up on the game pad on x . Not the best presentation or music ever but if you like this kind of games and are looking for something new it might get u busy