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Helping Pokémon Get Out of a Pinch

The third instalment in the action-packed Pokémon Ranger series lets players take on the role of a Pokémon Ranger tasked with protecting Pokémon, people and nature in the Oblivia region. As a Pokémon Ranger, players investigate the nefarious actions of the Pokémon Pinchers, who have been disrupting the peace by chasing and catching Pokémon.

As a Pokémon Ranger, players set out to stop the Pokémon Pinchers with the help of their partner, Ukulele Pichu™ (an energetic Pichu that always carries a ukulele).

Players use the Capture Styler to circle Pokémon on the Touch Screen. The further in the story players progress, the more powers and abilities their Capture Styler gains!

By drawing special Ranger Signs on the Touch Screen, players can summon powerful Pokémon that they have befriended to help them progress in the game. Even Legendary Pokémon like Raikou™, Entei™ and Suicune™ can be summoned by drawing their Ranger Signs!

Up to four players can play together on certain missions using the Nintendo DS™ Local Wireless Connection.

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Posted by Darrell Monti

Hokey Poké?

There are two types of players in the world of Pokémon: those who enjoy capturing, training and battling with their Pokémon, and gentler, liberal-minded players who assume responsibility for the safety and well-being of the beloved pocket monsters. In...

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Bloodysaber said:

How are the ranger games? I've never had any interest in them, but this one looks kind of neat.



jhuhn said:

Who's looking forward to getting Deoxys when getting this game and finishing it?



pokemaster24 said:

The pokemon pinchers is a really stupid name. But this game is amazing! Plus it comes out around my b-day! Huzzah!

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