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Thu 29th Jul 2010

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Pokemon_Girl commented on Get Ready for a Story Mode Full of New Pokemon...:

the new change will actually help you beat the game beacause when you found a new pokemon in all old games you wanted to catch it, Right? so therefore you will get the national pokedex sooner and thats one less goal you have to worry about. same thing with the national pokedex! so even if you hate the idea of new pokemon popping up everywhere you will at least have somthing good to say about it!



Pokemon_Girl commented on See the New Pokemon Starters in Bright, Beauti...:

i like this game, but i want game freak to make a game where you get to pick if you want to be a nurse joy or a professer insted of only getting the chance to be a trainer. because some people want to be on team rocket or team galactic. or they could let you customise your character. they could even take it upon themselves to put in more styles of traners to choose from so if you want a girl trainer and its ugly you dont end up picking a boy. all im saying is that if they dont make a game like that i am going to sit at my desk in my room and think of a new pokemon game and give that idea to game freak.



Pokemon_Girl commented on Pokémon Black and White Starters are Disappoi...:

the people who say "kids don't care what the starters look like as long as they are new'' are wrong. because i am a 10 year old girl and i think the pig looks like a freaking flaming ham wearing a bandanna and the otter thing looks like a 3 year olds imaginary friend. but maybe someone actually tried and made the grass type Pokemon actually look a little bit like a Pokemon. maybe the other Pokemon will be good, but if they are anything like the fire and water type, there game will never sell. oh, and my starter will be the grass type because these idiots who made the Pokemon are really bad at it and are making the game look like a freaking $2 game.