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Phantasy Star Ø is one of the most highly anticipated DS titles coming out in 2009, and will feature an innovative touch screen based Visual Chat interface, addictive action-RPG gameplay, impressive visual quality and thrilling multiplayer modes.

“The Phantasy Star series has enjoyed great success because of its intuitive gameplay, unique style and engaging online multiplayer modes, we are therefore very excited to premiere the first Phantasy Star game on the Nintendo DS™,” commented Gary Knight, European Marketing Director for SEGA Europe. “With the advanced features of the Nintendo DS, Phantasy Star Ø will thrill fans of the series but will also appeal to a new generation of gamers.”

Phantasy Star Ø takes place on an alternate Earth 200 years after the “Great Blank,” a massive war that has reduced the once-prosperous civilization to almost nothing. The surviving Humans have worked hard to exist peacefully and have rebuilt thriving cities. Those that adventure past the outskirts of these cities, Hunters, explore the vast wilderness and hunt dangerous monsters in an effort to keep their cities safe. Players will take up the role of the Hunters and select from three types of races, classes and gender for a total of 14 customisable character types. Each character type will provide a unique experience and give players access to a great range of items, armour and weapons.

Featuring over 350 unique weapons, gamers will need to venture out to combat dangerous monsters, gain experience and meet new major characters. As players explore, they will unravel the mystery of the “Great Blank” and discover a dangerous new force that must be stopped.

Featuring both wireless and full Wi-Fi multiplayer options, Phantasy Star Ø takes advantage of the touch screen capabilities of the Nintendo DS and the new Visual Chat feature. Gamers can now design their own Visual Chat commands that can be used in multiplayer modes. These Visual Chat commands will be displayed as “text bubbles” above the user’s character, enabling easy and fun communication when adventuring with friends.

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Posted by James Newton

The DS' first retro sci-fi MMO

Phantasy Star Online for Dreamcast was a genuine revolution: the first-ever online RPG for consoles, it boasted an advanced translation system, free online play and stacks of action. The GameCube saw Phantasy Star Online: Episodes I & II that expanded...

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Phantasy Star Ø is one of the most highly anticipated DS titles coming out in 2009, and will feature an innovative touch screen based Visual Chat interface, addictive action-RPG gameplay, impressive visual..

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Rockbandmonkey said:

This game looks like it's turning out to be just what everyone wants. The Phantasy Star series is one of the best RPG series not made by Square Enix so I highly reccomend trying it if you haven't already.



Firkraag said:

I'm getting this, and I'll be playing this until the buttons on my brand new DSi break from too much use or my battery explodes.



James said:

It's a real-time RPG/action game with full online play. It's very similar to Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast, GameCube, Xbox, PC) and Phantasy Star Universe (PS2, Xbox 360, PC, PSP). It looks amazing and my copy is taking far too long to arrive and is driving me crazy.



James said:

I've been playing this quite a lot recently. I now actually think I may have underrated it - I think it's an 8/10 by now. Sorry, Sega!

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