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In the most distant reaches of space, beyond the territories controlled by the Galactic Federation, is the Tetra Galaxy, once home to a mighty race known as the Alimbics.

An advanced civilization, peaceful, prosperous and powerful, the Alimbics maintained stability over the region forcefully but judiciously. They reigned over a vast region known as the Alimbic Cluster. One day, perhaps thousands of years ago, perhaps tens of thousands, they simply disappeared, leaving behind artifacts, all scattered across the Alimbic Cluster, all protected by a lethal arsenal of the Alimbics' most advanced weaponry.

Today, for the first time in centuries, the long-dormant Alimbic System is stirring, delivering strange tidings. A telepathic communiqué, originating in Alimbic Cluster, has downloaded into the brains of some of the most exceptional beings in our galaxy. The message translates into a thousand different languages on a thousand different worlds. But the message always is the same: "The secret to ultimate power resides in the Alimbic Cluster."

This message has intrigued and enticed some of the most formidable bounty hunters in the galaxy to make the long journey to the Alimbic Cluster, each of these great warriors motivated by a different reason. Some desire power for themselves, or for their planet or people, while others simply have a relentless desire to hunt, or to kill, along with a fierce determination to prove themselves the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. Now, it's a race against time to see which bounty hunter will triumph over the others, who will discover the secret behind this promise of "ultimate power."

The Galactic Federation has heeded this strange, suspicious communication as well, and has called for the help of Samus Aran. Her mission: to discover the truth about this mysterious message, to protect against a potential threat, and to keep the Alimbics' ultimate power from falling into the wrong hands.

Characters: Samus and six new bounty hunters, including:

Noxus: Noxus is a member of the Vhozon, a proud and reclusive race that inhabits the outer rim of the galaxy. A spiritual being who walks a harsh, righteous path, Noxus has become a bounty hunter to administer justice to the galaxy's criminals and evildoers, to keep the scales of order from tipping into instability and chaos. Noxus, like his many bounty hunter compatriots, got the message from the Alimbic Cluster about an opportunity to find a source of ultimate power. He's determined to get to it first, to make sure it does not fall into the hands of lawbreakers or the unworthy.

Spire: Spire is the sole remaining Diamont, the last member of an ancient silicone-based race whose bodies are composed of organic rock. Spire's life as a Bounty Hunter takes him from one end of the galaxy to the other, while he continually searches for some information on the location, or fate, of the rest of his people. When he receives a message from Alimbic Cluster, he races to that system with the hope that finding the Alimbics' source of ultimate power and solving the mystery of their lost race will help him solve the mystery of his own.

Kanden: A lab experiment gone awry, Kanden was created to be the ultimate soldier, immortal and unkillable. However, stress from the neural combat encoding sequences was more than Kanden's still-mortal brain could handle, and left him ferocious, deadly and dangerously unpredictable. Kanden broke out of the lab, and those responsible for his neurological alterations and surgical enhancements were not left alive. Still, there is one way that a brutally efficient killer in the galaxy can not only survive, but thrive: as an intergalactic bounty hunter. Unbound by morals or a conscience, programmed with an instinctual drive to hunt – and kill – Kanden is one of the very best. When he gets a message of an ultimate weapon in the Alimbic System, Kanden knows that this is his chance to prove himself the finest bounty hunter of them all.

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Posted by Kevin Cortez

Prime pocket power

Retro Studios' highly regarded Metroid Prime games may only be available on home consoles, but that hasn't stopped Nintendo from bringing a slice of first-person Samus to the DS in the form of Metroid Prime: Hunters.In Hunters, you take the role of the...

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Bass_X0 said:

The demo confused me so I never did buy this (although I do love the 2D GBA Metroid games). I would quite like a remake of Metroid Prime: Hunters for the WiiWare though.



Mark_M said:

I just got this game a week ago, I absolutely love it. I like how they fit such great gameplay in a DS. And the graphics are great, for the system.



FinalFantisiac said:

I hope I could get this; when it came out, people scrambled for a copy,so it might be sold out, which had better not happen...



FinalFantisiac said:

Well, I actually got it! This game is awesome! In fact, the FPS is so intense, that it broke the inside of my left trigger because I had to press it constantly! It sounds like a bad thing, but that just says this game is for those that like intense FPS's.



Varia01 said:

If I ever buy this I hope it's not as boring as shooters for xbox 360 or PS3. Well it's Metroid, the best game series ever, why should this be bad? Though the next game I want is Zelda twilight princess.... But this probaly will be the next DS game I want.



Undead_terror said:

@Varia01 The demo version (aka first hunt) has a survival mode and a few other modes while the full game got a really good multiplayer (that has bots so instant play) and the story mode of course.



Varia01 said:

@undead_terror Thinks for the advice undead! If it has download play, I'll go compete against my bro. Hopefully the game won't be too hard. Maybe it's that I'm overwhelmed by xbox 360 and PS3 shooter gameplay... I'll look into multiplayer once I get it. (If I get it) But for now I'm looking forward to Zelda twilight princess, but this is my next DS game. Using a D-pad to aim maybe easier then using another stick. And I find using full-auto trigger usage boring and always having to reload annoying. This maybe the first (self-proclaimed) fun shooter.

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