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The students of Will O’ Wisp magical academy have a little problem: Their teacher has mysteriously disappeared. After commandeering a handful of rockets to rescue her, they’ve wound up on a strange (and sometimes scary) adventure through outer space. Now players must rescue both their classmates AND their teacher – and just maybe the whole solar system while they’re at it.

Game Features:

  • Blast off on a quest to rescue both your fellow magic students AND your teacher - and just maybe the whole solar system while you're at it!
  • Put your magical studies to the test against hundreds of foes - tap your part members at the right time to boost the power of their spells!
  • You magic grows more powerful as your planet moves into alignment - but the same goes for your enemies, too!
  • Explore strange planets. Players see the sights of this strange, sci-fi fantasy setting as they uncover the secret behind their teacher’s disappearance in this epic roleplaying game.
  • The stylus controls everything, from combat to conversations to outfitting allies. Simple controls make it easy to play but a challenge to master.
  • Players can link up wirelessly with five friends and explore the amigo dungeon together – they’ll find unending challenges and incredible rewards as they delve into the depths of this unique multiplayer experience.

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