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Take on a rapid-fire onslaught of challenges and mash-ups from 16 of Nintendo’s finest 8-bit games!

Test your skills on a gauntlet of quick, tricky challenges and remix stages that combine parts of different games. The best mix of titles from the NES™ Remix and NES™ Remix 2 games is on Nintendo 3DS. Now you’re playing with PORTABLE power!

Link™ vs. Donkey Kong™! Kirby™ vs. Boo™! It’s mash-up mania in this celebration of all things NES™! Race through to earn stars on increasingly tough tasks, like beating Ridley from Metroid™ or making Princess Peach™ save herself! Compete in Championship Mode’s blitz of challenges from the Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.™ 3, and Dr. Mario™ games, then compare scores with others in your region via online leaderboards*.

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ElliotVA said:

I think they need to move on from NES Remix. They will start to run out of ideas soon and they series will bust. If they want to continue this series, do SNES Remix!



Klatt_Man said:

I sounds like NES World Championship. Were as it only had a remix of three games this one has 16! NES Remix sound way more exciting.

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