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As the commander of the Ghosts, the toughest special operations fighting force in the world, your mission is to stop the Russian ultranationalist Yuri Treskayev from coming to power.

From the hot deserts of Kazakhstan to the villages of Ukraine and the frozen lands of Siberia, you must discover and disable the secret Soviet-era “Dead Hand” bases which Treskayev is using to build an army of drones. You will have access to full resources to build, train, and equip your team, using most recent high -tech weapons and armor.

Key Features
− A new way to experience the critically-acclaimed Ghost Recon series

  • Discover a rich and deep tactical gameplay, never seen before in a Ghost Recon game
  • Enjoy eye-popping 3D cutscenes and in-game effects, where enemies and objects appear to be jumping out at you!
    Tilt the Nintendo 3DS™ system to look behind buildings and obstructions for a more tactical view.
    Use the Touch Screen for quick and easy mini-map navigation
    − Train and manage the best special ops unit
    Choose among six unique classes, each with their own special skills:
    Commando, Sniper, Recon, Engineer, Gunner and Medic.
    Unlock new skills and equipment by progressing in the game.
    Equip your ghosts with the most advanced combat gear—and even drones!
    − Try to thwart the Russian nationalists evil plans in a deep and credible Clancy scenario
    Explore various environments with an Eastern European flavor
    Story mode with 37 missions for more than 30 hours of gameplay
    Unlock 20 challenging “skirmish” missions with 3 levels of difficulty
    − Challenge your friends
    Eleven one-on-one duel maps let you determine who is the best special ops squad leader
    Play against each other on one 3DS!

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Emerging from the shadows

The debut of the 3DS has seen a number of releases and ports tailored to show off 3D effects, with some perhaps coming up short in terms of depth and content, but Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars 3D aims to set itself apart from the field. There is...

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User Comments (13)



pixelman said:

Huh, visually it looks kinda crappy compared to the other 3DS third-party games. Honestly, it looks like it belongs on the original DS.



ExploderReviews said:

Im not so sure. I can definitely tell that they got rid of the blockyness, its just that top down strategies tend to look like this.




Its meant to be a strategy game I believe. Odd choice for a 3DS title - especially considering shooters like the Resident Evil series is looking to make its mark on the console.



Kriedler said:

I'll be getting it because it's made by the dudes that did X-com. Those guys know TBS games :P
I just pray for some kind of online or good support for this one so I don't beat it and leave it :P



DarkKirby said:

Don't mean to be mean, but this seems to obviously be for the original DS, ported to the 3DS.



tovare said:

Excellent game. Reminds me of a mix between Advance Wars with some RPG-style character buildings. (The 3D gives additional depth to the terrain and seperates makes the status messages and such float above the playfield ... not critical to play, but I like it)



Boshar said:

I have this game and its the best game currently available on the 3DS. I love games like Jagged Edge an X-Com and this plays like a streamlined version of those games. The 3D helps to judge the lay of the land.

3D is not necessary but it looks so much better in 3D I rarely switch to 2D these games look great in 3D even if the gameplay does not need it.




This game is awesome, and with a HUGE amount of content. Online multiplayer would have been a nice touch, and maybe a game mode centered around the Zombie survival side-mission would also have been cool.

This game can be picked up for £15 now in the UK!



CARPYMW3 said:

9/10 this game is spose to be really rubbish im not joking the guy at game said so. well thats what he said so i dont know apperently its got a online mode and its £15 now in the UK!!! well thats quite cheap dont you think

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