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From the 8-bit generation. For the 8-bit generation!

For the Nintendo 3DS e-shop comes MIGHTY GUNVOLT, along with retro graphics and sounds!

This game is reminiscent of the 80s, not just in looks, but also with simple controls that create a surprising amount of complexity and fun.

Accompanying Gunvolt in this adventure are the angel Ekoro from Gal☆Gun and Beck from Mighty Number 9. Each character possesses different skills that will force the player to finish each stage in different and creative ways.

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

Mighty good mini

First appearing as a free download to those who purchased the exceptional Azure Striker Gunvolt on the 3DS eShop, Mighty Gunvolt is a run-and-gun platformer from the mind of Keiji Inafune and produced by Inti Creates. Aiming for an old-school vibe, it’s...

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WindWakerLink said:

This game is fun!!! Ekoro is an interesting character to play as. Gunvolt kinda players like Bass. And Beck....he's fun to play with as well.



WindWakerLink said:

@MC808 "There was a promotion awhile back where when you buy 'Azure Striker Gunvolt' you get a code to download 'Mighty Gunvolt' for free. That's what I'm referring to. I'm pretty sure that promotion is done by now."



ashlyquin said:

GREAT game. I go it during the free promotion but IS worth the NA price of $4 all the way!

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