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They are offering WarioWare D.I.Y as a gold reward on Club Nintendo, but I'm only interested if I can check out user-generated content. Can I do it by simply typing in old friend codes on sharing threads, or do people have to actively accept me as a friend for me to play their user-created levels? Is this game worth getting into at this late date?



I'm sorry for being uninformed, but I've been poking around the internet and haven't been able to figure out how that process works exactly. Can I use people's friend codes I find in forums like this, or do I have to get people to actively friend me to have access to their user-created levels? Sadly my real-life friends have little interest in these sorts of games, so I'm not sure how I can really appreciate the creative aspect of this game if its dependent on knowing other people that are currently playing the game. Can someone enlighten me?



You can add friends via friendcodes to share content,
or go into the in-game online catalog, and pick hundreds of user generated games there.

I still make new WarioWare microgames from time to time. Can send you some cool ones if you're interested.


TLDR: I just got the game, and think it was a good deal - but I own the DS game too, which colors my opinion.

Just downloaded the game a week ago, and don't think you can swap games with friends anymore. I was able to download some microgames directly from Nintendo servers - including a bunch made by "famous" developers - but now that WiiConnect 24 is officially shut down there doesn't seem to be any way to enable trading with friends.

(Please enlighten me if I'm wrong.)

The single-player mode offers a good number of pre-made microgames to enjoy and the expected Wario-esque humor. Not sure this mode would be worth the price of admission on it's own... but if you have (or can find) a copy of the DS game then I think the D.I.Y. Showcase is worth owning on WiiWare. Being able to create your own microgames and play them / show them off on a big screen is pretty cool. Also, the DS game has been selling for a pittance so it's a small investment with potentially big returns. I found a new copy from my local EB Games (Canada) for just $1 recently!

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WarioWare DIY is one my favourite DS games.

Oh yea, WiiConnect24 is now WiiDisconnect24.
All online features should be disabled now in the WiiWare game
It's still a good investment especially if you have the DS game.

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The online features should still work even though you can't trade games with friends. There are a lot of microgames available for download, so it's definitely worth the download price - probably more so than at launch! You can easily fill up all the memory slots and still have more games to download and try.



I have never had wii connect24 enabled at all. (It means my TV never switches off because of it using a fully wired RGB Scart) and it certainly works connecting the DS cart to the wii.

If you have the US version there is loads of savegames available to download that will save you a significant amount of hassle. (I transferred all of them except jimmy's one by one to the Wii and it took absolutely ages).

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