Topic: Are we all male and what age?

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ima 24 year old GUY!!! Call me the puppet master i can make you dance

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I'm 16.

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Toad+Fan+101 wrote:

briunj04 wrote:

KanrakusPizza wrote:

briunj04 wrote:

9 year old male

Not trying to be mean, but.....your joking, right?

geez, why does everybody make fun of me because im young!?

Well I am ten .

Well I am second youngest person here . We had a topic about this before ... I was youngest with this other ten year old ...

10 years old , male , 5 grader , Extreme lee short . ( I am short for a 3 grader but still popular )

Briunj04 Well I am shortest one here so don't feel to small.

I guess I shared WAY too much info .

I know that you are not at least a 6th grader, because in 6th grade you learn about internet safety
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I may only be a seventh grader, but I'll find a way!

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Just let it happen.

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Male. 52. I look so much like my mii/avatar, my wife and friends cringe.

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just as a repost im 15 and almost 6'! so close!!!!!! and there are some pretty old people here! not being offensive! i never gamed in the NES/SNES days but prefer those to most of the new mainstream games!

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Well i'm Male and my age is 21 as of Feb 23th 2010 (till Jan 12th 2011 my age will change).

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So in other words, Nintendo Life is still a sausage fest. Also, I know I made a topic similar to this topic awhile back... Oh, and I still am a 19 year old male.

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26, and a manly man...well ya I'll go with that. lol



I am indeed of the masculine variety...
...As for my age...Who knows? Haha...

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110percentful wrote:

lz2010 wrote:

I am only 3.14159 years old

really? I always thought you were 3.1415929653589793.....

your 14 right? im turning 14 this may

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16/f/cali <('-'<)

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Male, 32


Someone has revived the thread.
Anyway, I'll be turning 19 on April 5th.

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I am 100% mammale...

I am also 21...

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Uhhhh... I forgot.

There are a LOT of 14 year old dudes here... oh, now I remembered... I am 14 too.

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