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What is TokiTori 2+?

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It is also just going to be an update to Toki Tori 2 so if you already own it you won't have to pay more

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So a game is getting an update?



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So I got the 5th Frog, and I ended up in some Red Cross medical tent...yet....I don't even know if I've beaten the game or not!!!!! Has anyone beaten the game? I saw credits up on a big screen but I was still free to run around and go to other sections of the game. I have no clue! Can anyone offer any help? I've never run into this problem before not knowing whether I beat a game or not.



you beat the main story.

now it's up to you to complete the rest of it.

  • unlock all mole holes
  • take all pictures
  • collect all gold feathers
  • learn the 7 songs
  • find the 7 secrets


But even when you complete those other tasks, is there an actual "official" ending?



You found all frogs, you saw the ending cutscene, and you wake up in a tent near the credits cinema. That is the actual official ending.
It's different than in most games where the game just stops after beating it. In TT2 you don't need to load an earlier save, you just continue and play on, reminds be a bit of EarthBound.


Interesting.....the game is sorta quirky so I guess it's fitting that the ending is quirky as well. I kinda wish there was more to it though. I never figured out what the whole point of the "chickens flying around the map in a bubble" was all about. The game has alot of depth one can argue that.

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