Topic: Mario bros 1 + 2 on sale $10.50 total today

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If you buy Mario bros 1 today, they give you mario bros 2 for only $2.49.

Not a great deal IMO, but still better than $7-8 for 1 of them alone.



According to Nintendo Life it is actually if you have Super Mario World ($8) then you can buy Super Mario Bros. 2 (normally $5) for only $2.49
Super Mario Bros. is not on the Wii U Virtual Console yet.

EDIT: That is 50% off

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OP: Check out the Nintendo page about the deal.

I'm glad NIntendo is offering Virtual Console sales. I will be more inclined to pick them up this way even though I may have the original carts already.

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I might take advantage of this, maybe. Depends on how interested I am in having Mario 2, since I have the remake on GBA already...

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