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Is it me, or are the eShop update sin europe coming later every week ? I remember times were the new stuff was available as soon as wednesday / thursday at midnight. We now have past 1pm and still, no signs of the update on the WiiU or the 3DS eShop, let alone the spring update, that was rumored to come out as soon as monday.
Am i getting impatient or do others feel the same ?


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It's been years - since Europe's weekly update moved to Thursday nearly two years ago - since the then-Friday update was published at 11pm/12am on Thursday night. Ever since the update moved to Thursday, Nintendo eShop has almost always updated at 2pm/3pm on Thursday afternoon, barring anomalies such as system updates, maintenance or midnight software launches. This is nothing new.

I'd also like to point out - for the sake of everybody moaning that the system update still isn't here - that just because there were a few small rumours about it launching on Monday, it was not supposed to launch on Monday. There was Nintendo eShop maintenance on all platforms, which doesn't equal "omg system update coming five minutes ago omg". Satoru Iwata said it would be here this week. It's Thursday. The week isn't over yet. "Next week" doesn't mean "next Monday", it really actually does mean "next week".

So, in the nicest way possible as I know you're not really moaning, I think a little more patience wouldn't go amiss.


Yeah, it wasnt meant as moaning or "hating". But it feels like the updates er se are coming ever later.
Regarding the update: Im just hyped about the VC I hoped that the "update coming on monday" rumor was true, so that the "VC following shortly after" would fall into this week. Since i have late shift next week (do you call it like that in englich ? i have to work from 1pm till midnight) so theres not really time for me to play anything.
Other than that, update times really dont interest me at all.


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Yeah it was two years ago when the Wii Shop / DsiShop / eShop moved their updates from Friday 00:00 to Thursday 15:00.

So, if anything, the update is coming 8 hours earlier (at least in EU/AUS/NZ).


PS. I'm downloading the Rayman Legends Challenges App on Wii U right now

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