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SparkOfSpirit wrote:

Has Sega even mentioned if they were working for the Wii-U VC? They could make so much headway with Master System, Genesis, Sega CD, 32X, Saturn, Dreamcast, and GBA releases.

They haven't officially announced it, but they do seem to be behind the service - the support they provided on the Wii Virtual console even extended to Monster World IV getting a belated, but much appreciated, Wii release. The Game Gear VC titles on the 3DS apparently sold pretty well, even if they haven't released many of them yet, so I assume Sega's going to announce at some point that they're bringing their classic games to the WiiU in some form.

They'd be nuts not to - I know I'd buy Sonic 1-3&Knuckles again just for off-TV support, let alone all the other extras the WiiU VC has.


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