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What games do you choose to have on the Wii's main menu screen?

I chop and change but i try and only have a few which I'll be playing at the time. Right now it's FF My Life as King, Crystal Defenders, World of Goo, Bit Trip Beat, International Karate, Super Star Soldier and Zelda OoT.



I have a selection representing my main tastes whilst ensuring that a large amount of memory is free as well as displaying variety. These are SM64, Pacman, DKC2, and Earthworm Jim.

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On the first page I only have Wii Channels: Disc, Mii, Photo, Shop, Weather, News. On pages 2-4 I sort VC games by franchise if applicable. On SD card menu I have WW games.


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first page for me is:
Disc, Mii, Photo, Shop,
Weather, News, Internet, Super Mario Bros.,
Strong Bad 5, Bit.Trip Beat, LoZ: LttP, Shining Force

there's more stuff all scattered around pages 2 and 3 and a couple things on the SD card... i should probably go back and organize everything one of these days, but i'm lazy.

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Disc, Star Soldier R, Nintendo Channel, Shop
Bomberman Blast, Tetris Party, blank, News
World of Goo, Bit. Trip Beat, blank and Weather

I plan to replace Bit.Trip Beat with Bonsai Barber, and Bomberman with Mr Driller.

Oooh lists



I don't have nothin' cause I don't have any kind of Wi-Fi hook-up!
I am sad...

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I generally try to keep my VC Queue on the first page to remind myself to play them.

Disc, Shop, Harvest Moon, Sin & Punishment
Everybody Votes, Nintendo Channel, Ninja Gaiden III, blank
Mega Man 9, Onslaught, Castlevania III, blank

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gamerboyshadow5 wrote:

I don't Have nothin' cause I don't have any kind of Wi-Fi hook-up!
I am sad...

Take your Wii to a library or somplace with Wi-Fi and get some games then.


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Since when can you take a Wii to the library?



Nice topic - you can tell a lot about ppl by their 1rst page of wii-ness

Mario 64, Mario 3, Mario 2 USA, Mario World, Andventures of Link, Legend of Zelda, Punch Out, Onslaught, Bit Trip Beat, Mega Man 9, Cubello........

In the games lot - right now it is BWii, and I am kinda irritated because the cinematics in this game are way the crap out of hand.....its like, 30 seconds of walking, and then another flipping cutscene, how annoying, the story is dreck, and we have gold stars, knuckleheads, I think we know which way to go.....

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I only put WiiWare on the Wii Menu screen. All VC games go on the SD card in order by the system they are released on.

Edit: I only have 2 WiiWare games and at least 50 VC games. Retro Games Rule!!!

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All my games are on SD, so my first page just has the channels. I thought about downloading Metroid Prime Preview channel and Wii Speak just to fill up the page, but apparently you actually need the peripheral to get the Speak channel thing. Who knew.

I rearrange my games constantly, so it's hard to remember what's on page one for the SD menu. Right now I think I have Mario 1, 2 (JP), 3, World; Zeldas: LoZ, AoL, LttP; Metroid, Super Metroid; F-Zero, FZ X.

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