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I was just wondering what everybody's Virtual Console to WiiWare ratio is. In other words, how many VC games compared to WW games do you have. I have 26 VC and 4 WW games so my ratio is 6.5 : 1

What's yours?

P.S. If you have more WW than VC you can list your ratio as WW:VC, just make sure to say so.


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4 VC, 2 WW.
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9 VC and 6 WW. As far as WW games goes there's nothing that I want that I don't have (except perhaps for Adventure Island but I kinda wanna play through the Adventure Island/Wonder Boy series first and I haven't even gotten through the entire Wonder Boy arcade game yet). And a part of me want to want Toki Tori but I just found the GBC game too underwhelming... However, there are several VC games I'm strongly considering so that number might rise at any time. It's just that I've got so many other games lined up to play anyway so I just haven't gotten around to it. Oh well, everything in due time, it's not like the games will disappear all of a sudden.


52 VC, 17 WW & Climbing

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Something like 20:0, VC:WW. Yup, I like old games. Next two cards I'll be getting WoG and Orbient though.



20-30: 5: 5: 2.

Other than VC and WW, it also contains XBLA and DSiWare. I'll be buying the Unplugged disc soon so that'll increase my XBLA collection to 11 and i hope to buy the Namco museum for 360, which will add significantly to that. Maybe the Ultimate Mega Drive Collection as well.

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19 VC games and 2 WW games.



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WW 3.2:1 VC and I have 19 WiiWare and 6 Virtual Console.

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Hey everyone, remember to do the math and list your response as a ratio, thanks!


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1.1 to 1; VC to WW. That's 10 to 9.

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2 VC (Sin & Punishment, Gunstar Heroes), 9 WiiWare (all 3 Art Style, WoG, SIGE, Gyrostarr, Bit.Trip Beat, Bomberman Blast, LostWinds). I accidentally bought the first Strong Bad, but I didn't like it and removed it.

so, 2:9

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9 VC, 3 WiiWare

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1.23:1 (16:13)

1.46:1 (22:15)

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