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I'm 16 stars away from 120, but I never get any purple star comets. How do you unlock them?



If you're that close, you've already unlocked them for sure. Just keep paying star bits to that luma who moves the prankster comets around. Eventually you'll get a purple one.




to officially unlock them, you need to have beaten Bowser in Bowser's Galaxy Reactor. with 16 stars left to go, though, you should've done that by now. are comet stars (prankster or purple) the only ones you're missing, or is there another normal or green star left? i found it was easier to get the comet stars by getting all the normal/green ones first, and then after that the comets began to appear one by one (when one appears, play that star until you get it, and then another comet will appear in a different galaxy -- check the big map to see where it showed up if not in the same room) until i'd gotten all 120 stars. i was gonna hafta get 'em all anyway, so i figured i may as well just complete them as the game gives them to you.

once you've got all 120 with Mario, you'll have to beat Bowser's Galaxy Reactor again to unlock Luigi, just so you know (you won't automatically be able to play as him after getting the 120th star).

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Yea, the Luma should show you where they are, right? It's not like finding the legendary dogs in Pokemon Silver where you just run around randomly hoping they show up.

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I hadn't beaten Bowser yet, but now I did. The purple comets are popping up now. Thanks for the help!



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