Topic: Got 50$ Best use of it??

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Put it on Paypal and send it to me lol just kidding I would say Exitebots or 5000 Wii points

This account is dead move along please.


I'd personally & highly reccommend saving some money for Wii Points; so buy a Nintendo Points card right away! (That's what I'm doing anyway; since I just got $50 yestarday this Saturday May 9th!)

I know its almost May 11th, & guessing how the Nintendo is clearly unpredictable with their lame-o 1 VC game releases; we'll just have 1 more week for May18th's #300 VC game... which had better FREAKING BE ZELDA MAJORA'S MASK, or there will be HELL TO PAY NINTENDO!!!

But also who knows what WiiWare will bring?! I'm just hoping Icarian Kindered Spirits comes out sometime soon for this month of May... so high chance for tomarrow May 11th; if not that's just fine, but certainly not dandy!

Also if there's is nothing worth saving up Wii Points for; there is always something to get for $30... if you still plan on getting Wii Points that is!

(If there's nothing I seriously wanted; I'd get New Play Control Donkey Kong Jungle Beat for myself)!

For personal reccommendations; I'd personally save a little bit more, (just another $30 if getting Wii Points); for Punch-Out Wii coming out May 18th!!

(I mean that's my second choice; if I didn't want to go with my first choice... for those are my plans on what I plan to do with my $50)!



I'd sit on the $50 until It's My Birthday comes out. I've heard it's supposed to herald a new age of gaming.

-Swerd Murd

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Is Little King's Story not out in you American dollars land yet? If not, save your moneys for that!



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