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Actually, it makes my mii look overweight even though my BMI is under 22, so I think that's just a general problem with the representation of miis in this software. My mii looks tubby like he's got a beachball for a belly or he's 9 months pregnant or something, and not even recording my waist measurement did anything to change it. I swear Nintendo is going to give some people body image issues and induce anorexia or something stupid because of the fat appearance of the miis. Maybe they thought those fat bellies looked cute or something, but I don't think it's very prudent for a fitness product that people might have some expectation of representing themselves.

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I agree. I think it could be a cultural thing maybe? The attitude seems to be one of prodding the player to do better, like the silly comments about people being "weak" because they blow a balance test!

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