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Don't You Think Its A Bit Childish To Lock My Topic Just Because I Don't Agree With The Vast Majority On This Site? I Thought This Was A Place Of Freedom Of Speech And Debate (The Forums That Is)? Was I Wrong To Think That This Was Such A Place?

[From 13/11/12 ] [I Had 10 Points But I Cannot Find The Rest Of My Comment]
I'm Not Saying It Won't Be A Commercial Success, I'm Saying Why I Think Its A Failure And Should Be Avoided.

1. Wii U Name
Thats It.

2. Wii U Gamepad.
No No Noooo Proper Hardcore Gamers (Yeah Yeah Great Swiss Knife Thingy Blah Blah Blah). NEXT!

3. Hidden Details About The Wii U Till The Last Moments (Especially After You Already Had Preordered)
Like Helloho? Anybody There? Just Fire The Guy At Marketing Already; Seriously. I'm Not The Type Of Guy To Brag About My Project Details Throughout The Development Life-cycle But This Is Just Taking The Biscuit. ON TOP The Concurrence Of Dates With The iPhone 5 Release... So Yeah Fire The Industry Analysts While You're At It. Because Even If They Dont Think The iPhone Can Make A Serious Splash In The Sales Potentials Then... Ugh... Just Fire Them Nintendo.
At This Stage I Wouldn't Be Surprised If The Wii U Is As Powerful As A Ps Vita To Be Perfectly Honest. I Mean I Predicted Early This Year That The Wii U Will Repeat The Wii/Xbox/Ps2 Lifecycle In Which It Will Be Comparable To The Previous Generation And Attract Not So Many Hardcore Gamers. Dont Hate Me For Being Realistic.

4. Overpriced And Under-featured
The Price Of The Wii U Is Ridiculous Is NON-US Countries. I Mean COMMON NINTENDO. How The Eff Could You Have Made The Wii U $300/$350 In One Place And --->$400/$490<---- In Other Places?? [email protected]
Now To The Features.... 8GB/32GB... Are You Effin Serious Nintendo??? I'm Not Going To Go Into An Endless Rant On How Ridiculous That Is (Because I Have Done So Yesterday Already). And Then They Put A Stand Another Stand AND ANNNND A Charging Dock In The Deluxe Version As If To Say... Oh Wow Hey Thats Worth Spending The Extra $150 Bucks ($150 For Us Europeans.... $50 For You Americans). Awesome; Well Done Nintendo. A Charging Dock Would Have Sufficed. If You Would've Given Me The Option Between Much Bigger Storage And Useless Assessors The Decision Would've Been Made Instantly.
I Wanted To Positively Strangle An Infant (Although I Dont Condone Non-Game Violence) When I Saw That Video That Explained That LAUNCH GAMES Wont Fit On The Console That I Just Bought At LAUNCH.... Not Only That But That System Memory Wornt Be Stored Anywhere Else BUT In The Place That We Were Supposed To Use As Storage For Our Beloved Game(s) (Game Instead Of Games Cause... Only One Game Would Fit In Our Console... And Sometimes Not Even That).

5. Wii U Online Functionality (Oh We Will Be Sooo Dedicated To Online Features..... They Said That When The Gamecube Came Out Sooo Eeeeh Noo)
Hey, I'm Sure They Have Some Cool Features Planned Out That Will Surely Satisfy The People That Lived Under A Rock For The Past 6 Years And Dont Know How A HDMI Cable Connects To A HD Tv. Whats HD You Ask? Thats Next Generation For Us Nintendo Fans. Lets Move On Shall We? Yeah They Will have Some Stuff Like The Recently Announced Wii Tv Functionality And Other Basic Elements That Will Seem Like Cyberspace Tech to Some Of Us But If You Look At The Bigger Picture And How It Actually Compares To The Other Camps, You Will See That The Promise Of Proper Online Functionality Will be Left High And Dry By The Time The Next Next Generation Of Xbox And Playstation Consoles Arrive.

6. AAA Game Support And 1st Party Game Lifecycle
This One Will Be As Short As Possible. My Point That is Not Any 1st Party Game Development Lifecycle (I Kid, But Its Not A Joke). The Next Zelda? Ahahaha Ahhh 4 Years. The Next Smash Bros? Eh Well I Recently Heard That Two Companies Are Working On It So We Might See It As Soon As 2014... Well Thats Great Isnt It Folks? Some NotAtlAllAAAButImportantSomehowBecauseTheyFeatureMarioInAWeirdCostumeAndOrSports Games Thatll Be Scattered Throughout The Seasons And A Dwindling List Of Third Party AAA Titles... Thats What We Can Look Forward Too Yay. Oh Yeah And Bayonetta 2. In 11 Months (And Then It Will Be Moved Up For "Maintenance" And "Brush Up" Reasons).

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