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Topic: When do you plan to acquire a Wii U?

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The basic is white, and i want white. That's the only reason why i'm getting it.

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No idea, I really don't see a reason to get one now. Hopefully my living situation will improve by the time I want one.

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I'll get it launch day! Comes out 30th and my Birthday is Nov 29th, so ill head to the shops with my birthday money and get the deluxe on launch! Awesome!

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sadly i dont even have half of it since i want the black on :o i was hoping it be $250 and the other $300 then i would have some time to save up =/ amazon is being stupid though i was planning to preorder mine from there that way i wouldnt pay store taxes and could have enough for another game >.<

so after launch it seems for me

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