Topic: When do you plan to acquire a Wii U?

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Sadly for me, my only chance I've got is if I get it for Christmas. Otherwise, it would be some time before I come up with the money to get it myself... But my mom did ask me a minute ago what Wii U is all about, so I'm trying to gather as much information as I can to give her the best presentation!

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The minute it comes out in Australia, whenever that may be.


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Me and my brother are going 50/50 with it and we'll hopefully get it launch day.

Oh, and good luck with your presentation!

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Launch day


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NinRyan wrote:

Me and my brother are going 50/50 with it and we'll hopefully get it launch day.

Oh, and good luck with your presentation!

Wish I had a brother to split money with... Actually, my plan is to have the whole family pitch in and just give me the deluxe Wii U as one Christmas present. If that is ALL I get for the holiday, I'm happy!


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I'd like this for Christmas.
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Since the Premium bundle offers what i want, I'll be getting that and NSMB.U day one.

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after my birthday in januaury or when i get college funds XD

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Metal Gear Solid (rising etc)

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By the end of the year. Probably in december since I want the Deluxe set.


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not until christmas. my birthday is a month before it comes out and i don't feel right asking for a 400 dollar system from my dad. I was hope it would be 249.99 for the basic and 299 for the deluxe but it's not so I'm kind of screwed right now.

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ASAP and I'll pick up pikmin 3 and NSMBU

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When it is released.

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Launch day, I hope.

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When it has a game worth buying that isn't available elsewhere already, a NSMB game really isn't what I consider a must have title, maybe I'll get one next year unless PS4 offers something that interests me more as long as its launch price is reasonable this time :/



When it's actually worth buying.



Not anytime soon. Hopefully the deluxe bundle will be available in white by the time I get round to it.


I might buy one but I also might not... I have enough funds to afford a Deluxe Wii U and a few games, the problem is the Wii U just isn't giving me that buzz the Wii did 6 years ago. Also, my 3DS XL is perfectly fine for me for now...

Maybe when the Wii U actually has something I want to play then I might shell out for it, until that day... I don't think the Wii U is worth my time when I'm not really all that hyped up for it. :/

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Since I am going to be asking for stuff for my turntable and records and I don't want to pay for it, April 27, 2013 (my birthday). I need to platy with my 3DS anyway, I think I have had ever since the price cut and I STILL have no games for it.

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The Wii U comes out a day after my birthday so I want this as a late birthday gift If not then Christmas

Im a big fan of Mario games :)

Im also a nintendo nerd :P
Nintendo inpires me a lot o w o


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