Topic: When do you plan to acquire a Wii U?

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Day 1. I've got $400 and the Deluxe package is $349.99. With my tax included, I'll pay about $374.49. And I'll put down all of my money at preorder ASAP.

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Just got back from pre-ordering at Gamestop, so hopefully day 1. I'm hoping they get enough shipments in. I remember when I pre-ordered my PS3, Sony was short on shipments. So I had to wait like 2-3 weeks.

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I may see if I can get mine online, but I want it before Christmas for sure

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Approximately 12:01am AEST on Friday the 30th of November, 2012.


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Probably tax time for me. I'm an adult with bills, so I'm going to wait till I'm more financially secure before purchasing.

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I would try to buy the standard on launch day, but my grandma is being an idiot and thinks it the exact same as the old wii, so she won't give me any money to buy it. She did the same with the 3DS, so I had to save up every penny. Half-way there though, so I have hope!

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I don't really know yet when I'm going to get one. More than likely won't be at launch but I do plan to get one within the first year. Hopefully it's not as ridiculously hard to find as the Wii was until about 2009.



Immediates. That's why i pre ordered right after the announcement.

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When Bayonetta 2 comes out.

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Dad's probably not gonna get it for me until 1-2 of these happen
A. Has a good library of games (SSB4 ftw)
B. Price cut
C. I sell my PS3 and Wii
D. It's my birthday
So, probably mid-2013

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I'll probably be getting it early 2013, since I'm moving out between then anyway. Man though, I really want to get it on launch day

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Day one, but personally i'd rather unbox it in the beginning of Dec.
I haven't gotten the most out of my Wii(Skyward Sword, Galaxy 2, A Boy & his Blob, DKCR, Kirby RTDL, Pikmin 2 ect ect) but the Wii U is backwards compatible and it should be neat seeing wii games being outputed via HDMI which means better brightness and crisper/clearer image.

2 months huh? i'll have enough money for a new 50" 1080p Plasma(sadly the model i'll be getting wont be rocking 3D, since this particualr model has the lowes input lag of any plasma which is a MUST for me. Hopefully Panasonics 2013 3D plasmas that will be released in march will deliver lower input laggy') and the Wi U Basic, NSMB U, Nintendo Land and maybe Zombi U. ZombiU just doesn't seem fitting as a launch buy.

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Why would you buy the basic sku and Nintendo Land at the same time? DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!

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