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kkslider5552000 wrote:

CM30 wrote:

Otherwise Paper Mario Sticker Star would be absolutely ripped to pieces by every review on the internet.

3 words.

Did that game get bad reviews by critics? I know the general reaction towards it was harsh and many people hated the ending, but the likes of Metacritic gives it about 90%.

Similarly, there have always been quite a few games in the old days which got great reviews in magazines, but are seen as absolute crap by any normal person/player. Probably due to either hype, paying off the reviewer/publication or both.

There's also the fact that whether you like this game or not, it's probably not going to be an objectively poor game like Sticker Star. Heck, even New Super Mario Bros 2 was a decent game, and guess what? It's still got mostly 'okay' reviews and a 78% average on Metacritic. Given how this is far more original even from what we've seen so far, I wouldn't bet against reviewers still considering it a 90% average game. I also wouldn't discount how quite a few sites more charitable to Nintendo do actually exist and can potentially affect average review scores, so I suspect we'll see it get great reviews from sites like this one and the Official Nintendo Magazine.

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TBF the only part of Mass Effect 3 that is overly disliked is the ending. The overall package, minus the last ten minutes, is perfectly solid.

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This might all be in my head, but it looks like it has better focus on the characters this time. And the new background is much appreciated.

(That is, if it's real.)

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DestinyMan wrote:

Has the box art been updated?
If this is legit, then it looks much better this time.

It hasn't I saw that before. Someone on tumblr added the sky with photoshop to show much better it would be if Nintendo had done so.
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My favorite part was getting to carry around a Piranha Plant and just chomp away at everything.

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*Super Mario 3D World U walks in and says one thing.... "Don't worry. I'm here"*IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!! MUST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Does 3D World still look same old same old?

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WebHead wrote:

Does 3D World still look same old same old?

NO. The criticism it got before now looks like total nonsense. Because of Donkey Kong unfortunately getting delayed, this is comfortably going to be my most anticipated and likely favorite game of the year.

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this new trailer, wow..
it looks amazing!!



Just watched the trailer... It looks really nice, can't wait to play this game!

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I was doubting this game before but thanks to that trailer I'm much more excited for it. The visuals are just gorgeous! <3

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MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

Looks great! It's a shame people hate it for not being 64 2 or Galaxy 3...

I don't know dude, after that trailer. I don't think people'll be even care it not being another 64 or galaxy.

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Not sure about the multiple Marios thing, and the hub world looks kind of lame, but otherwise it looks good.



I can already see this game being used as a trump card in the future for whenever a vocal portion of the fanbase automatically dismisses a game for not being what they expected.

I think this has surpassed SLW as my most wanted WiiU game (and I'm a big Sonic fangirl). >.>

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