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Is anyone else still having the problem that persisted with the original update? Constant connection drops and errors while trying to update makes the whole process insanely long and tedious having to restart it (Thank Mario it picks back up the download instead of restarting it). I haven't had any issues downloading games off the eShop or anything that has to do with the internet (such as Miiverse). Why are updates still a problem? This makes me fearful for the Spring update and the likely large size it will be.



I have had no problems with Wii U updates.

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There was a problem with updates? I've never had these so called problems nor have I heard about any. Is it possible that it's just your internet?

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In most cases, it is internet connection. I haven't had a hitch with my Wii U that wasn't able to be easily fixed. Everyone getting their gadgets up to date and working is a process, especially when you add a new one into the mix. By spring time, there should be no problem with people getting their Wii U consoles to work with minimal effort.


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Yesterday's only took like two or three minutes.

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Burning_Spear wrote:

Yesterday's only took like two or three minutes.

just turned it on today and it only took like 8 seconds maybe to recieve the update then it took maybe like less then 1 minue and 30 seconds to install it, i didnt count because it was fast enough to feel like i wasnt waiting

and to the thread question i never had any problems with it i guess im one of the lucky ones thankfully enough



I've never heard of or had any problems regarding installing updates.

Beyond my lack of patience, at least.

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I froze 3 or 4 times in a row on Miiverse after the update. Never happened to me like that before: I basically frozed more time that time than I ever did in my 3 months of Wii U.
Didn't noticed anything new about the update. But that's not the Spring update, I don't think there is anything to fear about that one.


Never had a problem with an update dropping connection like that.



Burning_Spear wrote:

Yesterday's only took like two or three minutes.

Like everyone else here, I haven't had any update problems or previously heard of any. Not sure what the problem is with yours.

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