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Ideas about Pikmin 3?

I have one idea. There is that rocky looking pikmin. Captain Olimar should be able to pick him up and use him as a weapon, so his pikmin isn't his only weapon.

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Something about this post confuses me. He can use a Pikmin as a weapon and that means his Pikmin isn't his only weapon? Why woulnd't he use rock Pikmins as weapons?

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We have entire Pikmin 3 thread right now, and the title of this one is misleading, making look like a discussion on Wii U but rather I see its on Pikmin 3.

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I think he means that the unnamed captain should be able to use the rock pikmin directly--personally-- like a club or mace, instead of only being able to command the legions. It would give him some personal involvement in battles and make him less susceptible to the dangerous enemies. I THINK that's what he's getting at.

That said, I'm not sure it's a great idea. It would all but destroy the central concept of Pikmin gameplay. You know, the gameplay everyone loved and asked to have more of, thus becoming the impetus for Pikmin 3's existence? Yeah, THAT gameplay. Entirely changed.

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@CaptainOlimar: If you've got ideas for Pikmin 3 to share with everyone, please feel free to post them to this existing thread. Thank you! :3

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