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Topic: Reggie for a Playable Character in Super Smash Bros U

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61. Posted:

Or his final smash could be something less clone-ey, like turning into a purple pikmin or having his body as ready.

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What would his attack arsenals be?

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I want the petition to have him replace te Wii Fit trainer,

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ClassicSonicFan wrote:

What would his attack arsenals be?

Wii remotes, nunchucks, a Wii fit balance board, his stare, discs, Nintendo consoles, and maybe even small Iwata action figures to throw at enemies

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I can imagine one of his moves would be throwing a purple pikmin at people..

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ianmage1 wrote:

This is beautiful. It describes how inspiring Reggie is to all of us.

HubertErglegrue wrote:


Wow that was beyond weird; a nine year old with that level of grammar caused suspicion. But nothing could have prepared me...

For my body was not yet Reggie.

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