Topic: Pikmin 3 at e3 2012

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Finally! The amount of E3s I've been eagerly awaiting this games announcement and walked away disappointed.



Oddy wrote:

Also, My Nintendo News should not count as a source ever. Even if My Nintendo News uses a legit source, use that source instead.

there are more trolls on that site than there are here. that's why i don't post on there any more.



This game better have "Night Mode" lol.
(and 2-player co-op for the main game for everyone else I guess)

I love Erica (Strike Witches), Yuuki, and for some odd reason, Megumi (School Rumble)
Update: Also love Yukari and Mizore from Rosario + Vampire.
Another Update: Also Amber and Xiao Pai from Rune Factory 4.
More Updates: I HAZ TWITTER!!!


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