Topic: Nintendo: Stop Making Me Angry Because Of Wii U

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Holy shmow, I was avoiding this thread... But I decided to give the OP a chance.
The actual result registers on my happy scale.

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mariobro4 wrote:

Nintendo: "When they announce the games, your wallet drains."

And as your wallet drains, Nintendo gains.
As Nintendo gains, they announce more games.
And you see where this is going.
Honestly OP, I don't feel your pain. Probably because I got my Wii U for Christmas. I do have to pay for my games, but I use the money I have for birthdays, holidays, etc.

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Quite a few games that will set me up nicely over the next year....

Mario kart 8
Wind waker HD
Wonderful 101
Super mario 3D world
Pikmin 3

Poor wallet....


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