Topic: Nintendo Patents a Wiimote that turns into a Upad

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Wii U’s defining feature is a giant touchpad controller. While one player controls Samus’ spaceship, other players may have tiny touch screens of their own. A Japanese patent application filed by Nintendo reveals an accessory you slide on to a Wii remote and turns it into a touchpad.

The magic of mirrors makes the device work. When you touch the pad an infrared LED turns on and the amplified beams from the LED bounce off the mirror and are interpreted by the controller as position data. If you don’t touch the pad, the remote works just like a standard Wii remote.

This information lines up with the Sonic Dimension rumor that mentions the Use of Mini upads. Looks like we have some kinda concrete info.


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I just hope this is a random patent that will be never used, because that design looks completely ridiculous. Either that or I'm missing something.

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That's friggin ugly

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It may not even actually be produced like the Football Wiimote and WiiLight.



It's ugly, but intriguing.



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