Topic: (Fixed) My remote controls work but the chargers don't

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I have two different sets of chargers one from Nyko and one from Energizer, however, both aren't charging my remotes. Everything else is working great, I put new batteries in one remote, it turned on, but it's still not charging. If you have ideas on how to fix it that'd be super rad.

Update: When I moved something the chargers actually blinked red for a second. I don't think there's anything complex wrong with it, but I've still got no idea what.

Update (2): Hahaaaaa.. so it turns out that I had to fix the energizer charger because the motherboard fell out. Then afterward I realized that the Nyko remotes were in the Energizer station and vice versa. gg.

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@Nextly Sorry to do this publicly, but are you sure they were rechargeable batteries you used?

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@gcunit I hope so lol. The chargers are actually quite old, they were working not too long ago. But I just think it's weird that both chargers are dead at the same time.

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