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Hi guys
I'm new here
I bought while ago used wii u premium pack
With mario kart 8 and splatoon on the box
I get splatoon on disc
I format console, make new nintendo id

But I can't see how to install predownloadable mario kart 8
What's happened?



@asus22222 If it takes a while for someone with a Wii U to respond, Nintendo's help line is actually really good. The line might still be running, via people working from home Sometimes a tech question here can take a bit to get answered. So, I'll offer my best guess. Formatting may have wiped the preinstalled MK8, and maybe it just needs to be redownloaded from eshop? Have you looked the game up on eshop to see if you can download it free?

Nintendo UK support
+44 (0)345 60 50 247 (Calls charged at National Rate)

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definitely check e-shop

/e actually.. dont you lose the game if u make a new nintendo id??

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