Topic: Is your local GAME/game stop/ best buy doing enough to promote Wii U?

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Not as far as I remember. Then again, they don't seem to do well in promoting anything here, nothing seems to sell out unless it's either the 2006-2007 era Wii or perhaps the latest Call of Duty title.

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sinanziric wrote:

if you visit website you will see two squares = PS4 and XBOX ONE on the main page! Where is Wii U "Square button"? It's not there.
If that's how they behave ONLINE you can only imagine what is happening with retail stores.

To be fair, both consoles have been/about to be released, so of course they are advertising it. Just like they advertised the Wii U like hell when it was released. They are a business, not a charity. My local Games (Welwyn and Stevenage) pushed the Wii U a lot when it launched, but as sales decreased, they stopped. We can't expect companies to support the Wii U when it's not selling and lose that valuable advertising space.



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