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I would like to know if it is worth spending money on the pro controller? I know the battery life is suppose to be great but I would like to hear from people who actually own it. Will it really hold a charge for around 30 plus hours? And is the controller comfortable in the hand? The final question is where are all the white pro controller pads in the U.K? I can only seem to find black. Thanks in advance for any reply.



I got one on launch day and returned it the same day. The reason is because I bought 5 games on launch day and not a single one was compatible with it. It seems only a hand-full of games out there are actually compatible with the pro controller. It was really glossy and shiny and feels just as good as any other controller. Thats all I can say from the short time I spent with it.
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Thanks, maybe its an idea to wait till more games support it then. I don't suppose you know if it was compatible with the virtual console games do you?



Nope. At least not right now, since you can only play VC games in Wii Mode at the moment. And you can only use Wii-remotes/Classic Controllers while in that mode.

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No, I dont have any virtual console games on my Wii U yet, but I doubt you could you it because you'd have to activate Wii Mode to play games from your Wii on your Wii U, and Wii Mode is only compatible with the Wii Remote and its accessories.
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Thanks, makes sense



It is super comfy and I haven't had to charge it yet after playing tons.

I know it works with Sonic Racing and Ninja Gaiden. ZombiU is only multiplayer I think, Nano Assault is maybe only multiplayer? Not sure about that last one. I know Black Ops uses it, as well, though I don't own that.



I had to buy one when I chose to trade my Wii for a Gamecube when I swtiched to the Wii U. You can't customize your control buttons, but it's a pretty good controller nonetheless.

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Assassin's Creed also uses it and I played through the majority of that game with it. Very comfortable even on the 40C+ (105F) days when I played it (sweaty hands) and well worth it assuming the software support ramps up over time. Once Smash Bros and Mario Kart come out I'm definitely going to grab another one (or two) because I'm sure it'll be perfect for those games. I am yet to charge it since I got it.

Not sure if it's worth it yet given the lack of support but I'm not sure if the Wii U itself is really worth it yet either if that's the argument you want to make. In the mean time I'll just admire how comfortable this "one game" controller is for this "two game" console... and keep an eye out for news about someone making the inevitable PC driver for it.

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I dont have one yet but I do know that FIFA 13 also supports the pro controller. If you are not sure which games use it and which ones do you can look on the back of the gamecase and if there is a picture of the pro controller in white than it supports it.

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I bought a Pro controller to play Tekken with, and I'm very impressed with it. The directional pad is near perfect, and the battery life is exceptional. If you ask me, it's one of the best video game controllers ever made. Now to test it on Ninja Gaiden 3...


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I'm interested in the feel of it. It looks a little "Xboxy" in shape and I always found that controller quite uncomfortable. On the other hand, I always liked the Dualshock, which I know a lot of people don't like.

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darksiders 2, black ops 2, tekken tt2, zombiu (multiplayer only), sonic racing, ninja gaiden 3, assassins creed 3, fifa 13, and batman arkham city these are games i know the pro controller works in (and yes buy one its so worth it comfortable and great feeling buttons light but not 'cheap' and the digital triggers are pretty awesome)


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TOMBOY25 wrote:

Batman arkham city these are games i know the pro controller works in

Batman only supports the Gamepad.

I have about 4 games that support the Pro controller,but I won't get it till MOnster Hunter comes out.

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if you're like me and wanna have certain things asap, then yeah go get it. I tried it with the Sonic racing demo and it feels great

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