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So, I was lurking on the internet to cheat on some Gamecube games, because I couldn't get the Parade Kart in Mario Kart: Double Dash.
I found Gamefaqs had some info on "USB Memory Adaptor Saves"? What does that's the page.
It says I can download these. They are .gci files, and I want to know if you have to use Homebrew Channel or something to screw with your memory card and somehow put it on there. That's what I'm looking for...can someone please help? Thanks.



Well if it requires homebrew channel or modding well we cant help you there since that kind of talk is not allowed here. So you might want to try google to find your answer.

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Okay, I didn't know that. Sorry haha



actually, what they're describing is probably something you hook into your computer and then plug your GC memory cards into in order to have your computer read the information on it, back up saves, and possibly put new saves onto it. i had a device that did that for my old playstation (the DexDrive), it really helped when i only had one old memory card available but had a bazillion games to play, lol. I'm sure if you look around google you'll find places to purchase one of those GC memory card adapters. Good luck to you! :3

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