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What do you think Nintendo will reveal at E3? I think Nintendo will show us some early stage smash bros 4 footage and i do think they will give the wii successor a new name.


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I do believe other pages exist for this exact thing already. You should check those out to see people's ideas.

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I predict there will be an E3.

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Nintendo usually has great E3 presentations and I think the one in June will be one of the best they've ever had. The fact that they still haven't shown any games for a system (Wii U) which is coming out at the end of the year shows that they're saving everything for E3 in order to make a big splash. So they're going to be unveiling a lot of content.

  • I'd expect to see some great first-party Wii U games that will really impress people both graphically and gameplay-wise as well as some new ideas for both Wii U and 3DS.
  • I think we'll see a lot of impressive third-party games as well, which is what Nintendo focused on at last year's E3.
  • I think we'll probably see footage of the next Mario game for the Wii U even if it isn't released for a couple years.
  • Personally I'm hoping we'll see Animal Crossing 3DS released sometime this year.
  • I wouldn't be surprised to see some free downloads from the eshop for everybody.
  • I also wouldn't be surprised if they renamed the Wii U.
  • It's possible they'll announce a 3DS redesign but I think they'll probably do that next year.
  • I think there will be footage of the next Smash Bros.



Please feel free to use this thread here to post your E3 2012 predictions. Thank you! :3

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