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Topic: Do you think there should be a Kirby Air Ride sequel?

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I personally think the controls are fine, but I did have an idea where you could hold green box items, and then use them whenever you choose by pressing X, and maybe attacking with powers by pressing B, but I still think spin should stay spinning the control stick, It adds a bit more challenge, and I also think it's more satisfying. (Especially when you spin at the perfect moment, and latch onto a star, and blow it up in one hit!) Also, yet another thought, :P, they should make players a little more powerful when you're off of a star. If you're star gets destroyed, It can be really hard sometimes to get to a new one. While off of a star, you're stats should be affected by how many patches you have, and you should be able to pick up and use green box items.

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Yes, definetely. Back when the first came out, I had a whole bunch of ideas for a second one. I don't remember them for the most part now :/

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