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@Haru17: in an interview, the writer mentioned that this was a low budget game from the start. Because of that, they explicitly ruled out voice acting. But it was a moody, beautifully produced game nevertheless. The fact that I got it on sale for under $4 was just icing on the cake.

As for appearances, I did not personally find any of the characters attractive. Interesting, yes, but not attractive. They look fine in miniature form, but in close up dialog form I would not consider even the protagonist pretty. Maybe your feminism can be consoled by the absence of any good-looking male characters either (a mouse, an ogre and a hairball).



This is for sure one of my most favorite RPG ever made. It's just a shame I got bored of playing it; after beating it 3 times on Wii U. I did a speed run on Xbox One, but I didn't feel like grinding and quit as soon as that was the only option, which was about 75% through the game.


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Just started playing this again. I had taken a long hiatus due to other games, life events, etc...

I am really enjoying it and at the price point it is well worth it. When you think total eshop junk sales on the Wii U for $10-$15 this is well worth the entrance fee.

Only complaint so far is the feeling I am missing things as I float around looking for the next mission/chapter.



Wow, this game. I wish they had kept making UbiArt games, they were so easy on the eyes, and Child of Light was obviously unfinished / had significant cut content.

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Remember that time Ubisoft blew off the Wii U, and then had their most embarrassing year ever elsewhere?

That was the year this game was released, and unfortunately it overshadowed a really good RPG. At least in the long term, it actually sold pretty well AFAIK (it was an all time top selling non-VC game on Wii U's eshop charts for at least a while, which least more than I expected). A history lesson for anyone reading this.

But now that we know that Rabbids X Mario was being developed that whole time, it's obvious that Ubisoft were ALWAYS trying hard to work with Nintendo. So thank you Ubisoft for not trying too hard to port your already broken games, and only screwing your fans elsewhere (they even delayed Watch Dogs, so everyone knew everything about it before Wii U owners could buy it!). Man, imagine if I had spent money on Assassin's Creed: Unity over Bayonetta 2 or some of the better indie games.

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Never heard of this game before, but i like the look of it, may pick it up someday


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