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@romulux It should be noted that that video is showing the PS3 version, not the 360 or PCs. They look pretty different on their own. I'm pretty sure the PC version is better looking than the WiiU version when on max settings.

Also, a quick question to any one who has it: is it possible to for someone to play on the gamepad and on the screen while online? I know you can do it splitscreen, but I'm not sure about gamepad and TV. I'd assume it'd be possible, but I want to know for sure.

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of course pc will look better, i just meant out of the consoles. judging from the comments i've read, the reaction to fanboys seeing a nintendo system with the best visuals for once seems to be "who cares about graphics/it's not that much better/720 and ps4 are cooler." scientific observation here... graphic whoring ends the precise moment your favorite system isn't the best looking anymore (and restarts once a new system is announced).

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romulux wrote:

the wii u version does indeed have the best graphics: [youtube:bZO33bCFwks?hd=1]

when things slow down and you get an up close look at the character models and textures it's obvious. more detail and contrast, and the draw distances and atmospheric effects are way better.

GameLord08 wrote:

The Wiimote isn't necessarily the most accurate control method for FPS games - only the most accessible.

from all the whining i've heard 360 and ps3 owners doing about the wiimote being hard to control, i'd say it's the other way around. a lot of people hate IR aiming because they can't get it to work for them right away and they assume it sucks. it takes a steady hand to avoid shaking and a good customized scheme to outperform dual analog, if you want those kinds of results it's not easy or accessible for beginners at all. the benefit is that it's way faster once you adjust to it, even if it's not as stable.

At least the Wii Pointer controls make this somewhat mildly appealing. Metroid Prime 3 never had any customizable options for it's pointer controls scheme and it didn't need any. Once you set it to advanced mode it was pure gaming heaven. simply put perfection, a revolution in gaming.(Coming from a lag free tube tv) The only slight draw back which didn't exactly matter too much in Prime's case was that the actual 'turning around' was a tiny bit too slow.
Much more so on beginner and Normal. Setting it to advanced reduced the bounding box and it was a must.

In Black Ops 2 case, it's great to hear that they added in pointer controls as an alternate control scheme. The only way i'll even bother playing anything first or 3rd person related anymore. Still, i wont be picking this one up, but trying out a demo just for kicks would be pretty rad.

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The Wii U footage is noticeably more detailed, the texture is more defined, lighting is more noticable. The PS3 version especially the character models almost look like reskins. Lovely neon camoflage there, Cap'n. The Wii U wins here hands down on atmosphere alone for me. Plus, the Wii U version looks as if we get an extra bird

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