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Topic: Best Buy Nintendo E3 Thoughts

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Best Buy is partnering with Nintendo to allow unreleased games to be played at over 100 locations in U.S.
I don't know what to expect but, maybe some exclusive products for purchase?
What are your thoughts and expectations? Leave them in the comments.

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No expecting much as there won't be one that close too me. I'm guessing some videos and a demo of a few games.


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It says they'll be giving away some Luigi themed feebies and exclusive offers. No one knows what the stuff is though. My brother and I are going with our 3DS XLs.
I think this will be the best E3 yet, because we actually get to play some demos from the show without having to go to L.A.




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I live in LA so finding a location won't be a problem. The problem will be the massive number of people!

I just want to play Pikmin 3. Literally the only reason I'm going to wait 10 hours to play some video games

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Was kinda hoping this would be done on the eShop...ah well.
Hopefully I'll find a way to get into town that week.

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please makes posts regarding this here.

thanks much.

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